Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Washington Week: Monday, Part 1: Smithsonian Ambassador Program

I have to split Monday into two posts...because it was such a full day. The morning started with us heading to "The Castle" museum of the Smithsonian. As a state teacher of the year, you become a Smithsonian Ambassador to use and share their resources with your schools and classrooms. We were split into groups and were given the opportunity to learn more about one of the Smithsonian Museums. After lunch, we reported back to our group about what the museum we visited had to offer. I attended the program at the Air and Space Museum, since that is something that not only interests me but is also a part of the fifth grade curriculum.
Outside of "The Castle"

Beautiful windows from the inside

James Smithson never visited the United States, but donated his estate to
the creation of the Smithsonian Institution. His crypt is in the entrance to "The Castle."

The original Wright Brother's airplane in the Air and Space Museum

One of the bicycles from the Wright Brother's shop

Tomahawk missile :-)

Lunar Module

"Sun Gun" used to safely view the sun

Model of space shuttle

Space shuttle engine

Space toilet :-D

We are very fortunate in our area to have access to these museums that are free to visit and provide so much knowledge. Even though the internet provides us the the opportunity to experience things from a distance, nothing compares to doing something hands-on and seeing it for yourself.

Around three in the afternoon, we prepared to head to the Naval Observatory for a reception and to meet Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and English professor at Northern Virginia Community College.
To be continued...

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